SOAS University of London

Yoruba Listening Materials

Contact: Dr Akin Oyètádé 
Department: SOAS Africa Department


The project enabled the production of function-based listening materials with associated worksheets to provide practice for listening comprehension and production skills in everyday social situations. The materials also helped in the reinforcement of recently taught vocabulary in a classroom situation.


The aim was to make digital audio files of carefully prepared dialogues that could be used through different media as required by teachers, whether at SOAS or elsewhere. Worksheets were also prepared for each dialogue to enhance the learning experience and reinforce particular points in each dialogue. The dialogues will grow in complexity forming a progressive series.


Apart from short dialogues in the book Yorùbá Wuyì Book I (Barber & Oyètádé) there are no other such materials for Yorùbá. Students and others very often ask for further materials such as this and people around the world who have used Yorùbá Wuyì Book I to learn the language feel what they need is more practice in listening and speaking skills.

Products, Outputs & Outcomes

  • A set of master audio files of the dialogues in WAV format (available on CD-ROM or on the web).
  • A set of worksheets to go with the audio files (available electronically in PDF format, or in hard copy).