SOAS University of London

Chinese Integrated

Contact: Zhaoxia Pang 
Department: SOAS China and Inner Asia Department


The aim of this project is to create an Integrated Study Pack which will be used as teaching and learning materials for first-year BA Chinese students. The Study Pack will provide supplementary materials in speaking to the main textbook Colloquial Chinese by P.C. Tung & D.E. Pollard.


The Study Pack will consist of 22 units to match with the Weekly Plan of BA Year One Chinese Courses. Each unit will involve exercises to improve pronunciation and intonation, vocabulary, key sentence patterns as well as general conversational skills. The active engagement in tasks developed in the Study Pack will not only help the learners improve speaking competence but will also provide learners with chances to revise and consolidate all the basic language skills as a whole. It can also help teachers to pinpoint those aspects that need further reinforcement at a later stage.

Aims and Objectives

The objective of the Study Pack is to encourage students to practise the target language through drills and interactive activities. It will be designed in such a way as to reflect the core vocabulary and main grammatical structures introduced in the textbook, giving the users ample opportunities to use the language orally. Supplementary vocabulary may be introduced as optional for those students who can accomplish the assigned tasks efficiently or those who would like to enlarge vocabulary.