SOAS University of London

Turkish Flexi-Packs

Contact: Nil Okan Paniguian
Department: SOAS Language Centre


This project developed Flexi-Packs for Turkish to supplement classroom teaching. Flexi-Packs 1-10 are for beginners and were expanded during this project. Flexi-Packs 11-20 are for lower intermediate students and are intended to use learner input and resources such as diaries.


Each Flexi-Pack relates directly to a lesson taught in class and contains materials for five hours of work per week. The Flexi-Packs do not repeat taught sessions but integrate closely with the taught material. Ideally students use the pack after attending the lesson but a pack could also serve as an aid for students who would like to undertake self study beforehand (to feel more confident in the classroom) or as an occasional substitute for a missed lesson.

The materials in each pack include

  • brief explanation of grammar points introduced with examples linking to conversations in real life situations
  • repetitions, drills and other listening activities 
  • audio flashcards
  • an audio file with a clickable video clip containing an authentic situation incorporating that week's grammar/vocabulary and teaching point with some cultural aspect
  • a test and a mini translation
  • recommended web links