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Online Study Abroad

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Department UCL Language Centre


The project provided assistance for students of Japanese, Mandarin and Polish preparing for their study/work period abroad, anticipating linguistic and cultural challenges and providing the necessary cultural and academic skills background using authentic multi-media material. Students are able to follow this distance learning course independent of classroom-based teaching, with instant feedback given. A Learner Management system allows teachers to monitor progress and to advise students in tutorials.


The material is computer based, distance learning using the MALTED platform - using a range of authentic, target language-based multi-media material. Methodology is varied and ranges from learner-driven to a more teacher-guided approach.

Students are able to select from a menu which task they would like to perform: e.g. information on the country/university they would like to visit, the university system in Japan, China or Poland, how to find accommodation (e.g. recorded interview in the target language with students having returned from their study abroad period), cultural aspects, foreign language learning tips as well as academic study skills (reading specialist texts, note-taking, presentations etc.). Exercise types vary according to the goal to be achieved within each task.