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Reading Mazes

Contact: Fotis Begklis
SOAS Language Centre
Vietnamese Reading Maze: Vietnamese Reading Maze

Hindi Reading Maze: Hindi Reading Maze
Chinese Reading Maze: Chinese Reading Maze


This project initially developed two versions of a reading maze – one in Vietnamese and one in Hindi. Chinese was added later. These mazes provide a useful source of motivating graded reading material as both an online resource for self study and hard copies for classroom use.


The Reading Mazes are interactive reading games for learners of Vietnamese, Hindi and Chinese. When you begin the maze you will find yourself placed in a story in which you have to make choices. Each choice sends you on a different route and there are different outcomes to this story. You know you have completed the story when you are presented with a situation that has no further options. The Reading Mazes have audio recordings in Vietnamese, Hindi and Chinese to go with the reading texts. There are also English written translations of the text which provide further learning opportunities.

Aims and Objectives

The project aimed to provide motivating graded reading material for post-beginner learners of Hindi, Vietnamese and Chinese. The materials may be used in class as well as for self access for the learners.