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The SOAS Language Centre's Teaching Resources website provides a range of support resources for language teachers. The articles are arranged according to language. Many of the articles are in both the original language and in an English language version. Some of the articles deal with issues that are relevant to a specific language, but some of the articles will be of interest to teachers of other languages, since they deal with more general issues that relate to teaching any language. The articles are both theoretical and practical in nature and can be used by teachers anywhere in the world.


The following resources were produced for the Teaching Resources Website:

  • Teaching Numbers in Arabic (by Nuha Al Sha'ar)
  • Teaching Different Degrees of Formality in Japanese (by Yoshiko Jones)
  • Burmese Language Games (by Tharapi Than)
  • Teaching Chinese Tones (by William Yu)
  • How to Teach Kana (Japanese) (by Noriko Inagaki)
  • Teaching Thai Tone Rules (by Walaiporn Tantitkanangkul)
  • The Arabic Sound System and Teaching Pronunciation (by Antar Solhy Abdallah)
  • How to Teach Masdar (Arabic) (by Sulafa Nachawati)
  • Teaching Japanese-into-English Translation (by Martie Jelinek)
  • Language Games for Learning Arabic (by Amal al Ayoubi)
  • Teaching Word Roots and the Broken Plural (Arabic) (by Antar Solhy Abdallah)
  • Watching Japanese TV News Videos (by Martie Jelinek)