SOAS University of London

2005-2006 dissemination activities

E-Learning symposium: Pedagogy and Practice

Date: 14 December 2005
Organiser: Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS)
Location: University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
Attendee: Cristina Ros i Solé

The symposium had the overall aim of considering how research into e-learning pedagogy is shaping the direction of thinking in languages, linguistics and area studies and how this is impacting on the student learning experience.

Taiwanese Studies: A British Perspective

Organiser: Academia Sinica
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Attendee: Meili Fang

Dr Fang presented a paper titled Taiwanese Language Teaching and Development in the United Kingdom

Panel on Assessment in Distance Education

Organiser: Centre of Distance Education, UoL
Location: London, UK
Attendee: Cristina Ros i Solé (also a member of the panel)

Biannual TILT Teaching and Learning Conference

Date: 29-30 March 2006
Organiser: TILT
Location: UCL, London, UK
Attendee: Dr Christine Hoffmann and Cristina Ros i Solé

A presentation was given on the “Languages of the Wider World CETL”, which outlined its mission and the contribution it makes towards the development of languages of the wider world. They presented the objectives of the LWW CETL and a selection of projects covering materials development, teacher and learner training, and reflection and research.

Meeting to Prepare a Proposal for the 2012 Olympic Committee for a “Languages of the Wider World” Exhibition

Date: 30th March 2006
Attendee: Itesh Sachdev

Biannual TILT Teaching and Learning Conference

Date: 03 April 2006
Organiser: BASEES
Location: Cambridge, UK
Attendee: Professor Robin Aizlewood, Cristina Ros i Solé, Lydia Buravova and Aniela Grundy

LWW CETL representatives organised a panel and presented papers with four themes: ‘The SOAS/UCL Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Languages of the Wider World’; ‘The Languages of the Wider World CETL: Themes and Directions’; ‘The Development of Writing Skills through Use of a Shared Computer Workspace’; and ‘Supporting Study Abroad’.

Gujarat Studies Association Conference

Date:18-19 May 2006
Organiser: Gujarat Studies Association
Location: London, UK
Attendee: Professor Itesh Sachdev

Professor Sachdev gave the keynote lecture on “Language & Identity: A Social Psychological Perspective”.

“Crossing Frontiers: Languages and the International Dimension” - The Third Biennial Conference for Languages in Higher Education

Date: 07 July 2006
Organiser: CILT/LLAS
Location: Cardiff, UK
Attendee: Professor Itesh Sachdev and Cristina Ros i Solé

The work of the LWW-CETL was presented in a joint workshop with the Centre for Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning, University of Ulster. Contacts with several universities where LWW are taught were made (e.g. University Paris 13 and University of Westminster). 

CALL & Monitoring the Learner

Date: 01 September 2006
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Attendee: Lydia Buravova and Jane Hughes

The LWW CETL attendees presented a paper “The role of the language teacher in two computer-assisted writing classes”.

12th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training - Educa Online

Date: 29 November - 01 December 2006
Organiser: Educa
Location: Berlin, Germany
Attendee: Nathalie Ticheler

The themes of the conference were: Designing effective online learning; Game-based learning and simulations; Quality standards; Emerging tools and community-based services; Sector specific approaches; Lifelong and informal learning; Performance-based assessment; Promoting inclusivity; The impact of ICT in schools; Higher Education and the impact of ICT; ICT-supported training in companies; E-learning in the public sector.

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IALIC 6th Annual Conference

Date: 09-11 December 2006
Organiser: IALIC
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Attendee: Cristina Ros i Solé

Cristina Ros i Solé co-presented (with Gloria Gutiérrez from Nottingham Trent University) a report that argued that ICC should be taught at beginners’ level, and within a constructivist approach. IALIC is a unique forum for discussing and presenting research on Languages and Intercultural Communication within an interdisciplinary framework.