SOAS University of London

Classroom environment

Contact: Lydia Buravova, Jane Hughes
Department: Department of Russian and CALT
Link: MOODLE Writing and Technology


The project focuses on the development of a classroom environment and of pedagogical approaches towards developing students' writing in the foreign language.


The project builds on findings from the use of a shared text editor - “shared board” - in Russian writing classes.  It maintains the focus on writing and on interactive work in the classroom but develops this by exploring the potential of a wider range of new technologies and by promoting exploration by teachers of other world languages.

The project will establish needs and pedagogical goals through a survey of language teachers, who will be kept informed of the project’s progress and involved in evaluation. A literature survey and consultation process will identify ways of addressing needs. Appropriate hardware and software will be made available, configured and tested in a specialist language teaching classroom in Foster Court.  Language teachers will be invited to a workshop/demonstration of the classroom setup and a preliminary assessment of their training needs will be made.

During the following academic year (2006-7), teachers will use the teaching room and participate in evaluation of its use.

Aims and Objectives

The project aims both to increase understanding and to produce practical classroom applications. Its main aims are:

  • To increase understanding of how new approaches and technologies can be integrated into classroom language teaching in HE
  • To understand how technology-mediated interactions can support students’ development of writing skills
  • To increase the number of language teachers having the confidence to explore the potential of new technologies in teaching their language
  • To provide practical guidelines to support teachers in doing so

Products, Outputs & Outcomes

  • A room in which language teaching can be carried out and studied
  • Guidelines for teachers
  • A paper for a refereed conference 
  • A workshop
  • A project report