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LWW-CETL worked in the area of teacher support and development and professionalising language teaching at SOAS and UCL and in the wider field of languages of the wider world. Our activities included programme design and development, workshop series for teachers and courses and events on topics particularly relevant to the context of languages of the wider world. Furthermore, LWW-CETL initiated focus group discussions curriculum development and innovation for language courses at SOAS.

Our approach

A post-methodological approach has underpinned LWW CETL’s work of teacher education,which is to say that LWW CETL has rejected the view that there exists a methodology for language teaching/learning with a generic set of theoretical principles and classroom practices that are applicable and meaningful for all learners and contexts of learning. LWW CETL has stressed that language-teaching competence involves: a critical awareness of the context of teaching and learning; a reflexivity through which beliefs about language learning and teaching are to be re-evaluated; and ‘learning-centredness’, that is to say, the ability to promote a lively community of learning through informed interventions in the classroom based on examined experience and consolidated theory.

This post-methodological approach proved useful because language-teachers in SOAS and UCL , and those in the context of teaching LWW come from a wide variety of pedagogical backgrounds, and through its emphasis on critical reflection on methodology and eschewal of methodological prescription, this theoretical orientation has allowed teachers to negotiate critically with methodology and realize their own approaches within the context of particular learners’ needs.


In partnership with SOAS and UCL, the SOAS Language Centre has set up a number of university-accredited programmes to professionalise language teaching in LWW, to develop pedagogical discourse for specific languages and to allow for professionals to have a voice in the development of pedagogy in this area which is not driven by other models of language teaching. CETL provided expertise and input in the design, in taking the programmes through the accreditation procedures and in the running of the programmes.


CETL held a number of workshops between 2007 and 2010 to allow teachers an arena to share good practice and also to problematise practice. Some of the workshops were run by teachers at SOAS, others were run by CETL teacher trainers.

Events and courses

LWW-CETL in collaboration with partners designed and delivered events and courses on areas relevant to the context of teaching languages of the wider world such as the use of drama, teaching non-Roman scripts and teaching in the complementary sector.

Curriculum Development Open Sessions Group (CuDOS)

The group was set up to discuss curriculum development and innovation for language courses at SOAS. CuDOS has now been integrated into the Centre for Language Pedagogy at the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, SOAS.