SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 5: Candra Kirana

Composed by: I Nengah Susila (2005)

This is an unusual piece combining Javanese and Balinese musical styles, composed speciall by I Nengah Susila to accompany new choreography by Ni Made Pujawati in 2005.

Candra Kirana is from the Panji cycle of stories and tells of a Javanese princess who was deserted by her husband-to-be (prince Panji) on the eve of their wedding.

The gentle Javanese music reflects Candra Kirana as the feminine figure suffering the shock of abandonment. However, when she decides to disguise herself as a warrior and set off to seek Prince Panji, the music and dance turns to the stronger bebancihan style.