SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 1: Seggetteim Oghoto / 'Beloved One'

This is sung in the degeren up-tempo rhythmic style, as used in the characteristic Sakha
osuokhai circle dance. 

Lyrics by Moisei Efimov and music by Khristofor Maksimov.

My sweet, tender, humble one
With long black hair
Split into two halves
And made into two plaits,
Looking at a reflection of herself
In the lake
Joyfully getting ready for a new day's work.

I want to become the wind:
I could then gently, gently
Touch your plaits.
In the morning dew
Walking the path through the thick forest
You go to the meadow to make hay,
I embrace you
Turned into a birch tree
With my bushy branch of birch
You run away from me.

In the day during the hay making
When you are in the cold river
Escaping the heat
Washing, swimming, cooling down,
I will see you from the western forest
Growing like an island in the river
And I will turn into water
Like a crystal drop falling into your palm
To touch your lips.