SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 3: Khara Suor / Black Raven

In Khara Suor, or 'Black Raven', Stepanida improvises the vocal part, setting lyrics by Natalya Kharlampyeva.

Black raven doesn't go away
But flies around
Above my way
Black raven
Pretends his wing is damaged
And falls like a stone
Looking without blinking
Without having mercy on
His fellow travellers
Greedily champing
Making circles above
Strangling with his heavy breath
Black raven
Nothing will happen to him
His down plumage will not change colour
Will not fall nor the wing break
Will not choke
Black raven circling above
Finding his way
Liking young flesh
Bringing misfortune
He thinks he is the best
Black raven
Spirit of dark thoughts
Black raven,
Face of black victory
Black raven.