SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 4: Khappytyan

This is a humorous song about the head of a collective farm, written in Soviet times with lyrics by Pyotr Toburokov and a melody by the popular Khristofor Maksimov. Maksimov was renowned for creating songs closer to tradition than those of others, and tried to
incorporate kylysakh glottal ornaments and other techniques.

Khappytyan, Khappytyan!!!
Little office
Cold cow-house
Skinny cow!

Why such words?
Silly people!
December is cold
So what can I do?

Khappytyan, Khappytyan!!!
Five, six warehouses
You managed to flood
And all the food has gone to waste!

Adult people
Talk like children,
Spring rains
Shall I protect it
with my palm or what?

Khappytyan, Khappytyan!!!
The carrots are useless
The potatoes are rotten
The cabbage has dried out!

No single drop of rain
Falls from the sky,
Shall I lasso
The cloud to bring rain?