SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 8: Kuokh Keteris Yryata

Dedicated to Manchaary, a legendary figure in Sakha folklore rather like the English Robin Hood, this song given in tojuk style with kylysakh glottal ornaments, sets lyrics by Natalya Kharlampyeva.

I've heard that
For my reputable name
Someone is going to propose, with good intentions
To marry me.
Tomorrow morning
I will agree
To marry him, to leave home.
I am thinking
I remember the past life,
My pain opens again.
I must tell you
I have found a sweetheart
Don't blame me, don't judge me
What has happened has happened

And one cannot change anything
Nor erase the past.
If there is happiness
I found on that day that there is,
If there is love
That night I found that there is.
But a dark day came
When my friend was arrested
His strong wings cut off
Oh! How painful for me,
That my dream did not come true
Something I wished for never happened
To have children with my sweetheart
Who share his name, Manchaary,
To have a child with him -
God failed to hear my entreaties.