SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 5: Saasky Tyal / The Spring Wind

Lyrics: Korsunnakh. 

A meditative song that is both reflective and pensive:

Wind, wind, wind, wind
Makes noise outside
In order to drive away the winter,
Rustling with its wings
And glistening with feathers.

Drive out, drive out, drive out,
Dancing above me
A century of dense snowfall
Scare it off with your whistle
And drive it away through the flue.

S-s-s, s-s-s, s-s-s,
From the field and meadows
Our swift-footed youthful time
Found and brought here
Tamed down the warmth.

Spring is coming, spring
With its mane rustling
As if whispering.

How its air is fresh
How its thoughts are pure.