SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 6: Tuul / Dream

A dream at night, again given in a meditative style.

Lyrics: Korsunnakh

Night and dream
Dream and night
Dream: where does it originate?
Dream: why do we see them?
Dream: meddles with thoughts.

With legs that run
Boiling blood
With a face facing forwards
Beating heart


Night: completely on the other side
In a turbulent sea of dream
Will your
Juice from the thought be thickened
Will your mind become purer
Or not?

Dreams come
Other life interferes
Looking with the eyes of day
This moment in time
Disappears like dust.

Dream: is it a thought?
Dream: is it real life?
Dream: is it another way?
Dream: is it something from the past?
Dream: is it the future?

Oh! I do not know
Oh! I cannot guess
Those magic pieces of revelation
That for centuries were unsolved mysteries
That for centuries were an unopened book.