SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Sounding the World

Track Listing

  1. Shower of Sparks - Hyelim Kim featuring Korean flute taegum
  2. Finca - Isis Wolf Light and Rob Shipster featuring Zimbabwean thumb piano mbira dzvadzimu
  3. Rāg Jog - Indian Classical music by Jagdeep Singh Degun sitār with Upneet Singh tablā
  4. Bara - Hans Sutton and the Djinns featuring West African drums djembe, dundun and ken-keni
  5. Bei Mir Bist Du Shein - Georgia Duncan and Drop Velvet, based on a 1932 Yiddish classic
  6. Dance - Maya Youssef Syrian zither kanun; composed by Guksel Baktagir, Istanbul
  7. The Old Queen's Rain Chant - Joyce Moholoagae, a South African singer; from The Rain Queen and the Baobab Tree by Jackie Shipster
  8. Free of Stars - Nick Gray and My Tricksy Spirit featuring Balinese gender wayang and other instruments
  9. Tanaka - Kuda Matimba and Harare featuring marimba and other instruments