SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

Track 3: Gudo

Hande hande mukanya

Hande pachuru paya

Nhasi tonoswerepiko?

Tonoswera KwaNyandoro

Tonodya zvatakarima

Wanonga nhanga nderake

Wanonga fere nderake

Ndashaya muti murefu

Wokuona zvokunonga...




Let's go, let's go sir

Let's go to that anthill

Where are we to pass the time today?

We are going to pass the time at Nyandoro's

Off we go to eat what we sow

Whoever picks a pumpkin, it is theirs

Whoever picks a cattle melon, it is theirs

I failed to find a tall tree

In order to see what to pick....


The people of the totem Soko (monkey) hold the baboon as sacred. In this song the baboon is likened to humans. When roaming in its land, it swaggers free everywhere taking everything as its own. Mukanya (One Who Swaggers) is a praise name of the descendants of Zimunya and others whose totem is Soko. 

According to tradition, Soko men are know to desire women from different regions such as the women in Nyandoro's country who are as full and varied in beauty and decorate themselves with beautiful conus shells as beautiful as the different varieties of pumpkin.