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Track 6: Mutii?

Ho hiye woye uyo mutii?

Muremani nhengure hapo tsve

Muzhanje nhengure apo tsve

Mutsvanzwa nhengure apo tsve

Mutsambati nhengure apo tsve

Dhumbu rina manyere

Rave dhumbu rine manyere

Dhumbu rine manyere, nzira hadzirwirwi

Ndendendendende, Hande hande hande.......


'What Kind of Tree Is It?'


So what kind of tree is that?

It is a lemon tree, drongo, over there

It is a Muzhanje fruit tree over there....

That is a sour plum tree over there

That is a Mutsambatsi fruit tree over there

A striped kilt of different colours

It has become a striped kilt of different colours

A striped kilt of may different colours, different ways are not fought for

Gogogogogo, let's go, let's go....


In this song, there are verses from two different songs mixed together. The first is from a children's mnemonic song to teach children all the names of the fruit trees. A bird called 'nhengure' (drongo) is known to be so clever that it knows when to sing first in the morning and also bullies all other birds when they are in the fruit trees.

The second verse comes from a morality tale about a husband and wife who decided to follow different ways in the running of the household. It is a song instructing adults to work together without conflict so that the family stays together.