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Department of Music, School of Arts

3. Tarane: Anke halak-e man / He Who Sought My Death

(Voice and Ensemble)

It has become common practice to insert a vocal composition before reaching the daramad: here it is in a form called tarane, which is not part of the radif proper. In general, the tarane is performed at social gatherings, as is specifically associated with dance and entertainment.

The majority of all tarane are of modern origin by known composers, some based on the poetry of the old masters, others on contemporary poetry. They are analogous to western ballads. Each tarane is composed for a particular dastgah, in this case Homayun, and uses the appropriate modal melodic devices. The tempo is usually slow to medium; here is is in a slow 3/4 time.

The verse is from a poem by Sa'di chosen by Toraj Kiaras, and the voice is accompanied by all the instruments of the ensemble.