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9. Ney-Davud / David's Flute

The gushe Ney-e Davud and Bidad (track 10) share modal characteristics. The mode of the Chakavak is extended higher, to the a flat (9th above the tonic), and D (5th above the tonic) becomes the primary note. C is the cadential note, and B the starting note for improvisation. A and the tonic only appear in the forud.

The melodic movement appears to be stepwise, though occasional leaps of a third in the tetrachord above C are again used.

'Ney-e Davud' is here sung to the following verse by Sa'di:

Kamjuyan ra ze nakami chashidan chare nist

Bar zemestan sabr bayad taleb-e nawruz ra


Dissatisfaction is the fate of all

Who want to sate desire's thirst;

The bite and blow of winter all

Must bear with grace, to reach the burst

Of Spring's warm equinox.