SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

3. Oshshaq Muqam: Muqaddima & Ghulja Traditional Song

Performed on the Tambur

In this recording, Abdulla follows a recent trend amongst professional Uyghur musicians for instrumental performances of Oshshaq Muqam on the tambur. His rendition is less virtuosic and more meditative than the popular style. He segues into a popular Ghulja song, Qap Qara Koz (Black Sheep's Eyes), a transition from 'classical' Muqam into 'folk song', which would be anathema to purists but seem perfectly natural here, especially on the tambur. which is favoured in the Ghulja region for playing both Muqam and the folk song repertoire.

Sheep's eyes, incidentally, are considered beautiful by the Uyghurs for their liquid dark softness.