SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

5. Rak Muqam: Mashrap

Performed on the Dutar with voice.

We return to the first Muqam for this sung version of the mashrap with its contrasting rhythms, moving from the lyrical 7/8 to a lively 3+3+2. The piece is performed considerably slower than is common today in professional troupe performances.

Qadirim qudrat bilen bizni aziz jan aylidi

Nur bilen iman berip shukhri bilen jan aylidi,

Shukhri bilen jan aylidi

Birge mardi malimuliki sahibi davlat qilip, ol sahibidavlat qilip

Birni kharu birni zaru birsini wayran aylidi,

birsini wayran aylidi

Taghdiki kok maysilarning hajiti darya amas, ol hajiti darya amas, Allah

Risqini Allah birur nan barmiki yardin amas,

nan barmiki yardin amas

Havada parvaz qilip uchmaqlighi paydin amas,

uchmaqlighi paydin amas, Allah

Qiz oghul parizant kormak ya khutun ardin amas, wa ya khutun ardin amas....


My Lord with power created our precious lives

With light he gave faith, created our contented lives

To one he gave possessions and made him prosperous

He created one worthless, one to weep, one to be destroyed

The green shoots of wheat on the mountain do no need the river, Allah

Fortune comes from Allah, bread is not given by the earth

Hovering in the sky, flight does not depend on muscles, Allah

Having a girl or a boy child does not depend on woman or man.... (First Mashrap, excerpt)