SOAS University of London

Department of Music, School of Arts

7. Charigah Muqam: Mashrap

Performed on the Tambur with voice.

This recording returns to the mashrap of a different Muqam, performed on a different instrument. Abdullah states:

"Charigah Muqam is for ashiq. When they sing this at the festivals everybody cries."

Yarning koyida man diwana boldum aqibat Alla

Khalqi alam aldida Alla bigana boldum aqibat Alla

Bir zaman chaktim japa Alla qilargha sabrim qalmidi Alla

Ay yuzning shavqiga alla parvana boldum aqibat Alla

Ay yaranlar yaru wasli Alla meni aylap dil khumar Alla

Ishtiyaqing kaypida Alla mastana boldum aqibat Alla

Mustisil astanida Alla maykhana boldum aqibat Alla

Khalqi alam aldida Alla wayrana boldum aqibat Alla


My love's flames, I have become a beggar, indeed Allah

Before the whole world I stand alone, indeed Allah

I have suffered for an age, Allah, my patience is ended Allah

I have become a moth drawn to the beauty of your face, indeed Allah

Oh lovers, your desire, Allah, my heart is addicted, Allah

I revel in your pleasure, Allah, i have become a drunkard, Allah

In the city, Allah, I have become a wine shop, indeed Allah,

Before the whole world, Allah, I have been ruined, indeed Allah

(Fifth Mashrap)