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Research Students (MPhil, PhD) in the Music Department

Joe Browning
Joseph Browning

Cosmopolitan natures: an ethnography of the global shakuhachi scene.

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Emily Sayers
Emily Janet Sayers

Cognitive Aspects of North Indian Classical Music: How Children Learn to Compose and Improvise in an Oral Tradition

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Gavin Walker Communicating Crisis: Musical Effervescence in South African HIV/AIDS Interventions
  • Nan Ma A Case Study of Chinese (Mainland China) Music Industries' Revenue Protection within The Digital Environment
  • Manuel Jiminez Bamboo Power: Performance in Gamelan Jegog and comparisons with UK gamelan performance
  • Sheng-Shih Chi The Role of Popular Music in the Negotiation of Taiwanese Identity
  • Flora Henderson Contemporary composition for shakuhachi and western instruments: timbral gesturality in the analysis of cross-cultural music
  • Kiku Day  Remembrance of Things Past: The Archaic Shakuhachi in Contemporary Contexts
  • Nicoletta Demetriou  The Fones Discourse: Ideology and Practice in Greek Cypriot Folk Music
  • Saida Daukeyeva Dombra Performance, Meaning and Memory among Mongolian Kazakhs
  • Hyelim Kim Winds of Change: Tradition and Creativity in Korean Taegum Flute Performance
  • Hyun Seok Kwon Cultural Globalization and the Korean Promotion Policy for Music Based on Tradition: A Study of the Activation Plan and Its Background
  • Cloris Lim Nanyin Musical Culture in Southern Fujian, China: Adaptation and Continuity
  • Sara McGuinness  Grupo Lokito: A practice-based investigation into contemporary links between Congolese and Cuban popular music
  • Christian Mau Situating the Myoan Kyokai: A Study of Suizen and the Fuke Shakuhachi
  • Moshe Morad  Music as a ‘Space’ of Identity, Interaction and Escapism, among Gay Men in Special-period Havana
  • Min Yen Ong Kunqu in 21st Century China - Musical Change and Amateur Practices
  • Sung-Hee Park Patronage and Creativity in Seoul: The Late 18th to late 19th Century Urban Middle Class and Its Vocal Music
  • Jutamas Poprasit  The role of music in the Thai funeral ritual in contemporary Bangkok: its history, performance and transmission
  • Sabina Rakcheyeva  Music as Cultural Diplomacy: A Personal Journey Using Improvisation as a Creative Tool
  • Jung Rock Seo Ancient Korean and Japanese Court Dance: Historical Relationship and Transmission: Case of Ch'oyongmu and Nasori
  • William Sumits The evolution of the maqam tradition in Central Asia: from the theory of 12 maqam to the practice of shashmaqam
  • Shzr Ee Tan  Ecosystems of Amis Aboriginal Song in Taiwan
  • Ilana Webster-Kogen  The Azmari Paradox: Ethnicity, Identity, and Migration in Ethiopian-Israeli Music
  • Chloe Zadeh  Analysing Thumri.
  • Sun Zhuo  The Chinese Zheng Zither: 20th - 21st Century Transformations