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Some of the things our students and alumni have said about us:

Mu Qian

PhD Music and Editor, Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM)

MUS - PG - Mu Qian - PhD Music - IMG 240,186,165,56

SOAS is the best place to study ethnomusicology in Europe.

Ben Sellers

BA Ethnomusicology and educator at Transformance Music

MUS- UG - Ben Sellers - BA Ethnomusicology - Images 240,186,165,56

I ended up touring Azerbaijan with an Azeri violinist and a Syrian/Iraqi Oud player. Only at SOAS!

Clara Wenz

PhD Student

MUS - PG - 2017 - Clara Wenz - Research student - IMG 240,186,165t,56t

More than any other place, the SOAS Music Department allows me to combine my interests in music, philosophy and culture in the Middle East.

Almira Farid

BA Music

MUS - UG - 2017 - Almira Farid - BA Music - IMG 240,186,165t,56t

SOAS has helped tremendously in opening up my eyes and ears to how culturally colourful our musical world is.

Thomas Graves

MMus Ethnomusicology

MUS - PG - 2017 - Thomas Graves - MMus Ethnomusicology - IMG 240, 186, 165t, 56t

As soon as I first walked into the Junior Common Room I said ‘this is what university should be like!’

Richard Gray
MUS - PG - 2015 - Richard Gray - MA Music in Development

I would sum up my studies here so far as a white-knuckle intellectual adventure.

Marina Di Giorgi

MMus Ethnomusicology

Marina Di Giorgi

I chose SOAS because it is the only place in London where I could gain a broad knowledge of Music in the Middle East.

Alley Lloyd

MA Music

MUS - PG - Alley Lloyd - Ma Music - student profile image s- 240,186,165,56

SOAS gave me the freedom to study and practice a musical genre of my choosing.

Dishan Abrahams

MA Music (Development Pathway)

MUS - PG - Dishan Abrhams - MA Music (Development) - student profile images - 240,186,165,56

Studying at SOAS has been a genuinely enriching experience.

Hugo Hadji

PhD Music

MUS - PG - Hugo Hadji - PhD Music - student profile images - 240,186,165,56

I have been able to deepen my knowledge of the music and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa.