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Lessons for Schools

A series of lessons for schools prepared by the Department of Music of the School of Oriental and African Studies. To find out more about studying music at SOAS, visit our degrees and courses or summer music school pages.

  1. China: the production of melody in Chinese teahouse music (“adding flowers to the skeleton”)
  2. Korea: Korean rhythn ‘n Seoul
  3. Bali: Hindu festivals and interlocking patterns
  4. Java: Performing Javanese gamelan music – without a gamelan
  5. Thailand: Introduction to Thai classical music
  6. India: North Indian classical music and Bollywood

Each lesson highlights slightly different aspects to form the basis of discussion or performance. For instance, lesson one looks at melodic variation, while lesson three focuses on religious context and interlocking patterns.

These articles appeared in classroom music, summer term 1, 2008/9, Rhinegold.