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SOAS Music Workshops Timetable

SOAS offers a unique programme of workshops in music from around the world. Our programme is unique, varied and truly multi-cultural. If you are passionate about music and cultures, there is something for everyone: Intensive and inspiring courses, practical workshops, taster sessions and master classes for beginners to experts, amateurs and professionasl.

This year, we're offering online courses from £15 - £100. Click on the links below to find out more about each course and to book on the SOAS online store.

Course Title Course Leader Times Days and Dates
Bengali Songs Sohini Alam 7-8.15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 12th Jan - 4th Feb
Bengali Rabindra Sangeet - Songs of Tagore Sahana Bajpaie 3-5pm Wednesdays 6th Jan - 3rd Feb
Chinese Traditional and Contemporary Music on the Yangqin* Reylon Yount 7-8.15pm Mon 1st, Wed 3rd, Fri 5th Feb
Chinese Percussion Beibei Wang 4-6pm Saturdays: 9th Jan - 6th Feb
Collaborative Vocal Improvisation Guillermo Rozenthuler 5-7pm Mondays: 4th Jan - 1st Feb
Composing with modes and melodies of the world Eliane Correa 4-6pm Sundays: 10th Jan - 7th Feb
Global Music for Kids Sally Jaquet 3.30-5.30pm Sundays: 10th Jan - 7th Feb
Konnakol - South Indian Vocal Percussion Helen Wilson and Prathap Ramachandra 7-9pm Mon 18th, Wed 20th, Fri 22nd Jan 
An Introduction to Maqām: Music of Iran and the Arab Mashriq Saied Kordmafi 5-7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays: 19th Jan - 2nd Feb
Navigating transcultural identity through performance and composition* Reylon Yount 7-8.15pm Tue 2nd, Thur 4th, Sat 5th Feb
North Indian Kalbeliya Dance (module 1) Ayla Joncheere 3-4.15pm Tuesdays: 5th - 19th Jan
North Indian Kalbeliya Dance (module 2) Various dance teachers from Rajasthan 3-4.15pm Thursdays: 7th - 21st Jan
Rhythms of the World Vasilis Sarikis 6-8pm Tuesday 26th Jan – Thursday 4th Feb
Russian Singing Polina Shepherd 7.30-8.45pm Daily, Mon 4th - Fri 8th Jan
Yiddish Singing Polina Shepherd 6-7.15pm Daily, Mon 4th - Fri 8th Jan

* These two courses run by Reylon Yount can be taken separately, or together at a reduced price

Cuban Music Big Band Modules Time Days and Dates
Module 1 - Guide to Salsa Rhythm 6-7pm Mon 11th, Weds 13th, Fri 15th Jan
Module 2 - Latin Guitar and Bass 7-8pm Mon 11th, Weds 13th, Fri 15th Jan
Module 3 - Latin Vocals 8-9pm Mon 11th, Weds 13th, Fri 15th Jan
Module 4 - The Geography of Salsa 6-7pm Tue 12th, Thur 14th, Sat 16th Jan
Mudule 5 - Latin Piano 7-8pm Tue 12th, Thur 14th, Sat 16th Jan
Module 6 - Horn Section 8-9pm Tue 12th, Thur 14th, Sat 16th Jan

Multi-buy: Enrol on 2 courses get third for £50


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