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Personal Advisors

You’ll be assigned to a personal advisor every year. They’re your first point of contact for any personal or general academic issues you might be having.

You should hear from them early in Term 1. If you don’t hear from them, ask the Faculty Office to give you the right details. It’s always worth going and meeting your personal advisor at least once – even if you don’t have any problems – just to make contact. That should make it easier later if you do end up needing help or direction.

For Masters students, your personal advisor is your MA Programme Convenor.

Your personal advisor’s role

Your personal advisor is there to discuss your academic progress with you, and give you support and advice on any academic challenges or difficulties you might face.

In more detail, their role is to:

  • help you settle in to the School as a new student
  • contact and meet you regularly throughout the academic year, either as a group or individually
  • if you’re a continuing student, remind you at the beginning of each year of their interest and availability for meetings
  • help with any personal matters that may come up, and act as first point of referral to Student Support Services at the School
  • give continuity of pastoral and general support and guidance
  • monitor your personal and professional development
  • contribute towards a reference, if it’s appropriate
  • inform the Faculty Office if they feel you’re giving ‘cause for care and concern’ to help resolve any problems.