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Year Abroad Procedures and Contacts

Year Abroad Coordinator in Department (see list below)
  • is responsible for Year Abroad Programmes
  • briefs students upon departure
  • keeps in regular contact with students during year abroad
  • generates a list of contact details for each students: email, phone etc
  • makes arrangements for alternative academic program together with Associate Dean (UG) in case of emergencies
  • if they are the first to hear of an emergency they must alert Student and Registry Services and the Year Abroad Support person
Year Abroad Support
  • has central database on all Year Abroad students
  • provides support to academic Year Abroad Coordinator
Student and Registry Services 
  • has details of academic Coordinators and Year Abroad Support
  • has central database on all Year Abroad students
  • In the event of an emergency:
    • takes responsibility for decisions on evacuation and other emergency procedures
    • takes responsibility for communication with affected students
    • liaises with embassies, FCO etc

Year Abroad Coordinators

Language Coordinator
Arabic Wen-chin Ouyang
Bengali Francesca Orsini
Burmese Justin Watkins
Chinese Lik Suen
Hebrew Tamar Drukker
Hindi Naresh Sharma
Indonesian Ben Murtagh
Japanese Akiko Furukawa
Korean Kyung-Eun Lee
Nepali Michael Hutt
Swahili Chege Githiora
Thai Sud Chonchirdsin
Tibetan Marta Sernesi
Turkish Yorgos Dedes
Vietnamese Dana Healy

SOAS Contacts

Language Year Abroad Coordinator at SOAS - see table above
Faculty of Languages and Cultures
Tel: +44 (0)20 7898 4044/4080/4096/4049

Dean, Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Prof. Lutz Marten
Tel: +44 (0)207 898 4653

Associate Dean, Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Dr Mustafa Shah
Tel: +44 (0)20 7898 4341

Interim Director of Student and Registry Services