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SOAS student wins First Prize at 14th Chinese Bridge Competition UK Finals

25 March 2015

SOAS student Bruno Millan Narotzky, BA Chinese, has won First Prize in the UK final of an acclaimed Chinese language proficiency contest.

30 contestants from a total of 17 universities competed at the 14th Chinese Bridge UK Competition held at the Conference Centre of the British Library on 21 March 2015.

Chinese Bridge Comp 2015
Bruno Millan Narotzky claiming First Prize

Bruno’s coach Zhaoxia Pang, Lector in Chinese, said: “Bruno’s performance was absolutely wonderful! His speech, which had a touch of humorous understatement, gave a good demonstration of his language ability. His violin solo of “Butterfly Lovers” from a classic Chinese violin concerto not only showed his marvellous artistic skills but also his personal deep understanding of this Chinese romantic story. I feel so proud of him; the moment when Bruno’s name was announced was the most rewarding moment in my teaching career.”

Director of the SOAS China Institute Professor Michel Hockx, who was also on the judging panel, said: "As chairman of the jury, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I was very proud to go on stage and announce the SOAS success!“

The Chinese Bridge Competition began 13 years ago and has since become the world’s most prestigious Chinese proficiency competition for foreign university students. Bruno’s First Prize announcement adds further success to SOAS’ already glowing record in the competition. Since the start of Chinese Bridge competition in 2002, at least one SOAS contestant has been among the top three winners to go to China to compete in the international competition – a televised event watched by millions in China.

SOAS has also produced two winners of the international competition: Stewart Johnson, then in his third year’s study of BA in Chinese, won the 9th international competition; and Owen Churchill, then also in his third year’s study of BA in Chinese, won the 11th international competition. The School’s consistency in the competition demonstrates SOAS' leading position in the teaching of Chinese language and culture.