SOAS University of London

Four internationally renowned scholars join SOAS in Centenary year

17 December 2015

Four scholars across the fields of Anthropology, History, Ethnomusicology and Law will be joining SOAS University of London as Centenary Fellows in 2016.  

The internationally recognised scholars will bring expertise to the School in the fields which reflect the School's centenary’s research themes. These are: Global voices; The heritage of humanity; Global interactions; Sharing a small planet; Global governance and diplomacy.

Laura Hein, Professor of History at Northwestern University, will be hosted by the SOAS Japan Research Centre. Professor Hein will use her placement at SOAS to research and explore the shift in Japan’s political and cultural climate since World War II. Professor Hein specialises in Modern Japanese History and will be guest-lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate classes in the department. Amongst other things, she will also help the history department explore the role of SOAS' ‘Dulwich Boys’ who played such an important part in the post-war rehabilitation of Japan. (January – March 2016) 

Alex Perullo, Associate Professor of Anthropology and African Studies at Bryant University, will be joining SOAS as a Fulbright scholar investigating copyright Law, Piracy, and the Commercialization of African Music. Senate House and SOAS Libraries will be instrumental to his research as the school’s collection of academic and ethnographic papers relating to his field of study surpass any institution available in the US. He hopes to add to the scholarly discourse of London being a hub for the commercialization and promotion of African music. (April – June 2016)

Adelle Blackett, Professor of Law at McGill University in Canada, will be hosted by the School of Law. Professor Blackett will conduct research on the rights of migrant workers around the world and provide SOAS students with a PhD masterclass and host talks and seminars for emerging scholars on trade, domestic labour and labour laws around the world. Her recent appointment to the National Assembly of Quebec as well as international work with the United Nation’s labour organisation will be of immense value to SOAS students of all levels. (July – September 2016)

Michael Gilsenan, Professor in Anthropology and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University, will be hosted by the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. He moved to the US in 1995 to help found the department of Middle Eastern Studies at New York University.  Professor Gilesenan’s research will fill the void pertaining to inheritance and ownership laws of the Hadhrami diaspora in Southeast Asia. SOAS students will potentially be able to attend any workshops or public lectures he organises on topics relating to his research. (October – December 2016)

Professor Richard Black, Pro-Director (Research & Enterprise), said: “We are delighted to have such an exciting group of scholars join us as we move into the School's centenary year. Not only will the Centenary Fellows participate in the intellectual life of the School, but they will help consolidate our connections to global research networks across the Humanities and Social Sciences”.