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SOAS scholar delivers fourth edition of Teach Yourself Cantonese

7 April 2016
Complete Cantonese

SOAS University of London language scholar Professor Hugh Baker and his collaborator Ho Pui-Kei have published the latest edition of their Teach Yourself Cantonese.

This fourth edition of Complete Cantonese, published by John Murray in the well-known Teach Yourself series, is a comprehensive book and audio language course that takes students from beginner to intermediate level.

The text has been augmented with many new exercises and full English-Cantonese and Cantonese-English glossaries showing the Chinese characters for all vocabulary items.

Professor Baker said: “In a fast-changing world it is of course impossible to keep up to date with all advances, but in attempting to do so the authors were somewhat taken aback by the scornful response of a Hong Kong reader who advised deleting references to a 'tablet' on the grounds that Hong Kongers didn't bother with ‘that kind of [old-hat] stuff’. The term was duly written out, but so have been some of the passé terms which twenty years ago were current slang. No language stands still, and Cantonese has particularly itchy feet, so no doubt there will be the need for a fifth edition to mark the start of the next decade.”

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