SOAS University of London

New special issue journal published as outcome of SOAS’s ‘Tibetan in Digital Communication’ research project

11 August 2016

A special issue of the journal, Himalayan Linguistics has been published as an outcome of SOAS University of London’s ‘Tibetan in Digital Communication’ project .

The Arts and Humanities Research Council funded ‘Tibetan in Digital Communication’ project is led by Dr Nathan Hill, Reader in Tibetan and Historical Linguistics at SOAS; Dr Ulrich Pagel, Reader in Languages and Religions of Tibet and Central Asia at SOAS; and Dr Edward Garrett, Research Associate at SOAS.

The project built a part-of-speech tagged corpus of Tibetan texts spanning the language's entire history. The corpus is a powerful resource for scholars working with Tibetan language materials in a wide range of disciplines, including history, religion, literature and linguistics and will offer ready access to, and comparison across, texts from different time periods, regions and genres.

The current special issue of Himalayan Linguistics (15.1) is on Tibetan Natural Language Processing (NLP) and brings together research from the East and West and includes a brief general contextualization of Natural Language Processing, its components and its achievements, and a history of Tibetan NLP, including research in and outside of China. The special issue brings together all of the current research on Tibetan NLP and serves as a solid foundation for future scholarship.

The journal was co-edited by Dr Hill and Professor Jiang Di of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, with funding from the Sino-British Fellowship trust.