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CISD Students: Latin American women got women into UN charter

8 September 2016
Elise Dietrichson and Fatima Sator met senior officials from UN Women in New York

Newspapers and television is alight with the research of Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy students Fatima Sator and Elise Luhr Dietrichson, who have uncovered the central role of Latin American women in ensuring the inclusion of women in the UN Charter.

Students of the MA program in International Studies and Diplomacy, Elise Dietrichson and Fatima Sator met senior officials from UN Women in New York from the 29 August to the 2 September to discuss the implementation of their finding on Southern Women and Equal Rights in the UN Charter.

Their research, “Women and the UN Charter - A Southern legacy", focuses on the contribution of Latin American Women in getting gender equality into the UN Charter at the San Francisco Conference in 1945. According to their findings, Western delegates, such as the American and British women delegates and advisors directly opposed several of the amendments that would ensure the rights of women in the Charter.

Fatima Sator said: "The contribution of Eleanor Roosevelt to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been widely acknowledged in several publications. However, the language on human rights was first introduced by Bertha Lutz from Brazil in 1945. In a year when a new Secretary-General will be elected, this deserves much greater recognition."

"The world should honour the Brazilian delegate Dr Bertha Lutz and the Latin American women delegates as they were the real pioneers that promoted the idea of gender equality in our constitution of the world – the UN Charter” Elise Dietrichson added.

A delegation from the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) reported from their trip to NY and the UN on Twitter and Facebook using #CISDWomen and #BerthaLutz.

CISD Director Dr Dan Plesch said: “Ms. Sator and Ms. Dietrichson are implementing the CISD motto of 'Think Globally Act Globally’”

In February, CISD students, along with Dr. Plesch and the Brazilian mission to the United Nations in Geneva, participated in a panel discussion at the United Nations Office in the Geneva Library to present this research and to spark the discussion on the Southern legacy of the UN.




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