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Trials to electronic resources

22 June 2017

The Library is currently trialling the following databases.

Please test them out and send us any feedback, bearing in mind the following questions:

1) Is the information relevant and useful? How will you use it in your work?
2) Is it easy to find what you need? What did you think of the way the information is set up, and how the search works?
3) Did you have any technical problems? If so, what were they?

Dingxiu Ancient Books database 鼎秀古籍全文检索数据库  - trial available until 30th September 2017

Dingxiu is a full-text search Ancient Chinese book database. The collection materials from private collectors and research organizations in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Its cover the periods from Xian Qin 21BC to Minquo 

广泛收录中国大陆及港澳台地区公共机构、私人藏家、 研究机构及博物馆所藏历代古籍资源, 特色古籍采录海外所藏中国古籍,尤以日本、韩国数量最多。
收录从先秦至民国撰写并经写抄、刻印、排印、 影印的历朝历代汉文古籍。
版本包含稿抄本、刻本、石印本、铅印本、活字本等均有收录。 在版本选择时,尤以同类版本中保存良好的为先,要求书籍品相好, 避免虫蛀、漫漶情况。
著录规则分类标准沿用“经、史、子、集” 传统分类的基础上增设丛书部。

On campus and off campus access 

Please send feedback to Wai Hing Tse ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

SCC Online - trial available until 30 September 2017

It is a full text database of, primarily, Indian case law & legislation but it additionally covers case law from many other countries including:

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Thailand

Full details of coverage at the web site

You will need to set up a personal username/password on the login screen before using for the first time.

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Bob Burns ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

Oxford Handbooks Online: Political Science Collection - Trial available until 31st July 2017

Containing expert, peer-reviewed essays on key topics- useful for student essays and dissertations, and act as a base for independent research. The series brings together the world’s leading scholars to review the key issues in Politics, reveal original arguments and concepts, and set the agenda for new research. The Oxford Handbooks are "a responsive resource with the hallmark of quality".

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Viky Bird ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

Palgrave Book Archive - Trial available until 3rd July 2017 
Note: Packages for History and Religions collections only

Full-text access to over 2100 titles dating from early 20th century to early 21st century on a huge range of topics ranging across all time periods and regions of the world. This resource is useful for thematic and comparative studies as well as specifically regional material

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Mary Fisk ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

Policy & Politics - Trial available until 26th August 2017

Is a world-leading journal that is committed to advancing our understanding of the dynamics of policy-making and implementation. By exploring the interplay between political actors, governing institutions and policy issues, the journal contributes to theories of the policy process. By reflecting on the evolving context in which these interactions occur, it provides critical insights that are timely and fresh. Policy & Politics has an international reputation in the fields of political science, public administration and social policy.

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Viky Bird ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

Springer eBook Collection (2017 package) - Trial available until 3rd July 2017 
Note: packages for History and Religions & Philosophy collections only

This e-book package comprises electronic titles released so far this year by Palgrave / Springer publishers.
The website promises"unlimited use, downloads and sharing" of e-books on this platform and the option to download eBooks or chapters to any mobile devices to read anywhere

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Mary Fisk ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

TRAC (Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium) database - Trial available until 27th June 2017

TRAC resources include: Core analyses of 3,800 groups that have been known to aid and abet political violence or terrorist organisations. One of the world’s largest databases of terrorist groups, their leaders, locations, and affiliations, TRAC includes hate/racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, lone wolves such as Timothy McVeigh, groups such as al-Qaeda and government counterterrorism campaigns. Each profile includes (when known) the group’s tactics, targets, ideology, associated groups, leaders, theatre of operation, links to other resources, and links to TRAC’s analyses. Images are included with the profile often feature the group’s flag or logo; its founder or leader; incidents and events associated with the group (plus the flag of the location where the event occurred; flag of the country where the group operates; and an image that visually the group’s activities.
Original, commissioned analyses of seminal terrorism topics. These in-depth essays cover important terrorism issues such as Gender and Terrorism, Quranic Understandings of Violent Jihad to Vulnerable Cities, and Urban Terrorism
Profiles of vulnerable regions and cities mostly likely to attract terrorist incidents. This includes links to the Failed States Index and TRAC’s profile of threatened countries.
Live intelligence repository: TRAC provides a publishing centre for research of any length produced by its members. Plus, contributors, reporters and consortium members can post stories and have them immediately disbursed throughout the network
Chatter control: TRAC continuously monitors important news and analysis sources and posts feeds to the site as events unfold
Hot links that quickly navigate between concepts within articles, news feeds, and outside resources
Access to political violence experts worldwide
And hundreds of internet links to think tanks; government agencies; universities, community colleges and police academies offering courses in terrorism, criminal justice, and homeland security; government and private research centres.

On-campus access only is available.

Please send feedback to Viky Bird ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.