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Trials to electronic resources

22 March 2017

The Library is currently trialling the following databases.

Please test them out and send us any feedback, bearing in mind the following questions:

1) Is the information relevant and useful? How will you use it in your work?
2) Is it easy to find what you need? What did you think of the way the information is set up, and how the search works?
3) Did you have any technical problems? If so, what were they?

AWRS Arab World Research Source  - trial available until 31st March 2017

Arab World Research Source is a dedicated resource of scholarly journals, quality magazines, trade publications, industry profiles, country reports, market research reports and conference papers published in the Arab World and/or about the Arab World.

The database offers full text for over 300 full text publications, including nearly 200 scholarly journals, as well as 85 full text titles in Arabic Language. This resources reaches across all major subject disciplines, including business, economics, science, technology, humanities and sociology, and includes key publications from renowned universities in the Arab World.

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to or complete a feedback form African & Middle Eastern Studies - trial is available until 31st March 2017

This package provides full-text access to 14 scholarly journal titles. These journals chiefly contain articles in French, some have English abstracts and articles.

Title Publisher Coverage ISSN
Africultures Africultures 2003-present 1276-2458
Afrique & hitoire Verdier 2003-2009 1764-1977
Afrique contemporaire De Boeck Superieur 2003-present 0002-0478
Autrepart Presses de Sciences Po 2001-present 1278-3986
Cahiers de l'Orient CERPO 2008-present 0767-6468
Cahiers de'etudes africaines Editions de l'EHESS 2001-present 0008-0055
Confluence Mediterranee L'Harmattan 2001-present 1148-2664
Maghreb - Machreck ESKA 2008-present 1762-3162
Mondes en developpement De Boeck Superieur 2001-present 0302-3052
NAQD SARL NAQD 1991-present 1111-4371
Politique africaine Editions Karthala 1999-present 0244-7827
Presence Africaine Editions Presence Africaine 1947-present 0032-7638
Revue d'economie du developpement De Boeck Superieur 2002-present 1245-4060
Revue Tiers Monde Armand Colin 2003-present 1293-8882

On campus access

Please send feedback to Dawn Wright ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

The History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements 1949 – 1976 - trial available until 5th March

The resource is published by the Chinese University in Hong Kong and includes primary source materials relating to the Chinese Anti-Rightist Campaign (1957–), the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine (1958-1962), and the Political Campaigns in the 1950s from Land Reform to Public-Private Cooperation (1949-1956). Sources include government documents, directives, bulletins, speeches by Mao Zedong and other officials, major newspaper and magazine editorials, and other types of documents.

On campus access

Please send feedback to Wai Hing Tse ( or Debbie Barney ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

Jewish Studies Source (EBSCO) - trial available until 31st March 2017

Accessed by the EBSCOHost interface, Jewish Studies Source is a multidisciplinary collection on Jewish civilization from its historical origins to the present, covering faith, philosophy, history, women’s studies, language, music and much more.
It comprises full-text journals and magazines as well as books, monographs, biographies and more. In addition, the entire Jewish Telegraphic Agency full-text database is available from 1922 to the present. Also included are around 400,000 newspaper articles and biographical material on 350 historical and contemporary Jews. The database also offers extensive full-text backfiles, with titles that include:
• Kashrus back to 1990
• Contemporary Jewry (formerly Jewish Sociology & Social Research) back to 1976
• Western States Jewish History (formerly Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly) back to 1968
• YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science back to 1946

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Mary Fisk ( or Debbie Barney ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

OpenEdition Freemium Journals - trial available until 30th April 2017

This database gives access to the PDF and ePUB formats of 146 journals (see list here) of the Open Access Freemium package and the possibiblity to download them without DRM or quota.

The bundle includes the following publishers: Collège de France, CNRS Editions, Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, École Française de Rome, Éditions de l’École normale supérieure de Lyon (ENS), Éditions de la maison des sciences de l’homme, Presses universitaires du Midi and Éditions de l’École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), etc. All high-standing world-class research publishing institutions, with many articles in English.

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to or complete a feedback form

OpenEdition Freemium Books - trial available until 30th April 2017

This package gives access to the PDF and ePUB formats of 200+ electronic books published by OpenEdition on the linguistic and cultural areas of Central Europe and the Balkans, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle and Near East, Central Asia, Asia and indigenous civilisations and peoples of Oceania.

Most of the works in the French language include recent themes of research on cultural areas, but also include orientalist classics, as well as some general works on the humanities and social sciences. While the Middle and Near East feature strongly in this package, the variety of its titles offers a broad panorama of the current research and epistemology of area studies.

On-campus and Off-campus access

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Philosophers’ Index with Full Text (EBSCO) -  trial available until 31st March 2017

Accessed via the EBSCOHost interface, Philosophers’ Index with Full Text covers over 1500 journals on all major schools of philosophy (from 139 countries and in 37 languages). Topics include the philosophy of language, history and religion.
The database features author-written abstracts covering scholarly research published in journals and books, including contributions to anthologies and book reviews. Access to full-text is given where available (there is an option to view and browse the list of full-text titles)

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Mary Fisk ( or Debbie Barney ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

SCC Online - trial available until 30 September 2017

SCC Online is a full text database of, primarily, Indian case law & legislation but it additionally covers case law from many other countries including:

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Thailand

Full details of coverage at the web site

You will need to set up a personal username/password on the login screen before using for the first time.

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Bob Burns ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

South Asian Newspapers (1864-1922) - trial available until 31 March 2017

This unique collection of South Asian Newspapers features English, Gujarati and Bengali language newspapers covering the period from 1864 to 1922.

Covering the Subcontinent, including Pakistan and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) South Asian Newspapers reflects on historical issues such as Mahatma Gandhi's independence, Hindu-Muslim conflict, the effects of British colonial rule, life on rubber, tea and coffee plantations and much more.

Newspapers include among others, Tribune (Lahore, Pakistan), Ceylon Observer, Bankura Darpana (Bankura, India), Pioneer (Allahabad, India) and many more. The coverage is an extensive look at South Asian history politics, culture and daily life.

On-campus and Off-campus access

Please send feedback to Farzana Whitfield ( or Debbie Barney ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.