SOAS University of London

Trials to electronic resources

21 June 2018

The Library is currently trialling the following databases.

Please test them out and send us any feedback, bearing in mind the following questions:

1) Is the information relevant and useful? How will you use it in your work?
2) Is it easy to find what you need? What did you think of the way the information is set up, and how the search works?
3) Did you have any technical problems? If so, what were they?

EBSCO ebook Academic Collection - Trial available until 31st July 2018

This worldwide collection has over 165,000 ebooks with nearly 65,000 coming from university presses. It covers a broad range of subjects including law, anthropology, language and literature, music, history, religions and philosophy.

On-campus and Off-campus access

We welcome feedback on both the content and the platform. Please send feedback to Debbie Barney ( bearing in mind the queries at the top of the page.

JapanKnowledge additional content: 新編国歌大観、角川古語大辞典、日本歴史地名大系、新版角川日本地名大辞典 - Trial available until 24th July 2018

General search results automatically include content from the 4 additional resources. Each resource can be used individually.

  •  新編国歌大観、日本歴史地名大系 and 新版角川日本地名大辞典 are available from [本棚] on the top bar.
  • 角川古語大辞典,日本歴史地名大系 and 新版角川日本地名大辞典 are available from [検索コンテンツ] on the left bar.

On-campus and Off-campus access

1-to-1 demonstration will be available until 12th July. Please send questions/feedback to Fujiko Kobayashi (