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SOAS Centenary Visiting Fellow - Professor Shintaro Arakawa

31 January 2017
Professor Arakawa

Professor Shintaro Arakawa , Associate Professor for the Research Institute for Languages and Culture of Asia and Africa in Tokyo University, has been awarded a SOAS Centenary Visiting Fellowship.

Professor Arakawa , who will be based in the SOAS Linguistics Department until 18 March 2017, specialises in linguistic research and the study of Tangut, an extinct language belonging to the Tibeto-Burman language group. Professor Arakawa will also be lending his expertise by giving a talk at the Asia Beyond Boundaries lecture series.

Professor Arakawa said: “By solidifying existing research collaborations and making new contacts during my trip, I am confident that a number of avenues for joint-research and exchange will develop into the future.”