SOAS University of London

SOAS academic publishes new volume on Assyriology

28 February 2017

Andrew George, Professor of Babylonian at SOAS University of London has edited a new volume on Assyrian archival texts.

Assyrian Archival Texts in the Schøyen Collection and Other Documents from North Mesopotamia and Syria completes the publication of the Schøyen Collection’s Assyrian tablets by presenting the archival documents of the Old, Middle and Neo-Assyrian periods. The book includes:

  • Thirty-eight Old Assyrian tablets from Kanesh in Cappadocia form a representative selection of letters and other texts deriving from this Assyrian trading colony of the nineteenth century BC.
  • Seven Middle Assyrian tablets of varied provenance add to our knowledge of administration and book-keeping in and around the time of the thirteenth-century king TukultÄ«-Ninurta I.
  • Ten Neo-Assyrian tablets, mostly from Assur but also from what is now the Syrian Jezirah, are a selection of conveyances, contracts and receipts dating to the seventh century, when Assyrian power was at its height.

The volume also presents other documents that have in common not the use of the Assyrian dialect of Akkadian, but provenances in areas that had close cultural, commercial and political relations with Assyria and in due course became parts of the Assyrian empire.

Professor George’s work was widely reported in 2015 when he and Professor Farouk Al-Rawi translated one of the “missing chapters” of the Epic of Gilgamesh. An archive of Babylonian and Assyrian Poetry and literature is available here.