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SOAS academic awarded over £284,410 by Leverhulme Trust for project on Jaina Prosopography

3 May 2017
Initial seminar for the project, held in February 2017

Dr Peter Flügel, Reader in the Study of Religions and Chair of the Centre of Jaina Studies, has been awarded a grant £284,410 by the Leverhulme Trust for a project on Jaina Prosopography.

In the last two and a half millennia the Jaina mendicant tradition had an important influence on Indian culture and society yet, the social history of Jainism remains imperfectly understood. The project, ‘Jaina-Prosopography: Monastic Lineages, Networks and Patronage’, explores the relationships between Jaina mendicant lineages and their supporters, focusing on the nexus of monastic recruitment, geographical circulation of monks and nuns, their biographies and literary production, and patronage of mendicant inspired religious ventures.

The project is inspired by the overall vision to reconstruct the social-history of the Jaina tradition. It introduces a novel sociological approach to Jaina studies for the analysis of Jaina monastic lineages, networks and patterns of patronage as documented in colophons of manuscripts and inscriptions, using prosopographical methods, advanced digital technology and visualization techniques.

The project began in February 2017 and will go on for three years.

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