SOAS University of London

SOAS academic publishes book on Wilsonian approaches to US conflicts

13 June 2017

Dr Ashley Cox, Lecturer in Diplomacy and Public Policy in the Centre of International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS University of London, has published a new book exploring US foreign policy, specifically the history of America’s entry into the War of 1812, the First World War, the Korean War and the First Gulf War.

Wilsonian Approaches to American Conflicts uses a historical case study approach to demonstrate how the Wilsonian Framework can give us a unique understanding of why the United States chose to go to war in those four conflicts. Dr Cox argues that the Wilsonian Framework is an important concern for decision makers in the US and that democracy promotion and the concept of international law are driving factors in each of these decisions to go to war.

Drawing on the history of American liberalism and the work of Walter Russel Mead and Tony Smith, the book presents a definition of Wilsonianism that represents a broad span of the history of The Republic, in order to show consistency across time. It also establishes why the realist and economic explanations fail to provide sufficient explanatory power and how the Wilsonian Framework can give important insights into these conflicts.

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