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SOAS in the media - 5 December 2017

5 December 2017


BBC World Service: Laura Hammond discussed migrants use of mobile phones
Sky News: Leslie Vinjamuri interviewed on the impact of Trump’s retweeting of far right anti-Muslim videos on the US-UK relations
BBC Breakfast, BBC World, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg: Leslie Vinjamuri on the political implications of the charge against Trump’s ex National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, and on the political implications of US Senate’s passing of tax reform
Radio 4: John Weeks discussed the metaphors of austerity


Express: Steve Tsang quoted on China’s position on North Korea


The Hindu: ‘Behind The Indian Boom’ currently on display in the SOAS Brunei Gallery reported as ‘A thought-provoking exhibition in London [which] provides a snapshot of those left furthest behind’
Time: Leslie Vinjamuri was quoted on the impact of Trump’s retweeting of far right anti-Muslim videos on the US-UK relations.
SCMP (print), New York Times: Steve Tsang discussed Australia-China relations and Zhang Yang
Hindustan Times: Rachel Dwyer published a column entitled ‘Bollywood gets bigger, stays proudly Indian’
Openthemagazine: Rachel Dwyer’s latest article on ‘Imagining the Idea of Indianness in Hindi cinema’
Kantipur: Michael Hutt interviewed on the study and translation of Nepali literature and my new research project on the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake
Irish Times: Dan Plesch interviewed on the ‘unknown story of human rights in the wake of Adolf Hitler’


The Barrister, Buzzfeed: Coverage of the Bar Council-commissioned report into immigration detention centres undertaken by Anna Lindley
Equal Times: Caroline Osella commented on gender labelling in children’s clothes
Blog.oup: Nimer Sultany published an article ‘Towards a study of the role of law in the Arab Spring’
Free Press Journal: Avinash Paliwal interviewed on his latest book My Enemy’s Enemy: India in Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the US Withdrawal