SOAS University of London

Newton Mobility Grant Project

12 December 2017

The decolonial imperative requires modern institutions of learning to recognise their complex relationship to colonialism, and through that process, reorganise existing knowledge and raise questions to offer new trajectories of thinking.

"Constructing Decolonial Art Histories of Southeast Asia" (British Academy Newton Mobility Grant 2017-18) thus links two postcolonial institutions that are products of British imperialism. Co-led by Dr. Simon Soon (Senior Lecturer, Cultural Centre, University of Malaya) and Dr. Pamela Corey (Lecturer, History of Art & Archaeology, SOAS University of London), the project aims to collaboratively build decolonial art histories of Southeast Asia through two exchanges between universities that serve as regional leaders in Southeast Asian Art History.

The project enables an institutional partnership that could shift borders, both those of the geographical region under study and those of the sites from which this history has been largely been written. The award will contribute to building staff research capacity, access to resources, academic and professional networks, curriculum development, and shaping a unique undergraduate course of study in the region at the University of Malaya.