SOAS University of London

Designing Law and Policy Towards Managing Plastics in a Circular Economy

8 May 2018

The Environmental Regulatory Research Group at the School of Law, University of Surrey, the Law, Environment and Development Centre (LEDC) at the School of Law, SOAS and the Doctoral School at SOAS are organising a workshop on 2 June entitled Designing Law and Policy for a Zero Plastic Circular Economy.

The workshop will bring together leading researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss ways in which the regulatory framework around waste (focusing on plastic) can be better implemented and strengthened to move towards a plastic free economy. This will be done in particular by reference to the concept of ‘circular economy’ that seeks to ensure much higher re-use and recycling rates of plastic and replace the existing take-make–dispose model economy. The regulatory challenges to achieve this systemic transformation towards a zero-plastic world are yet to be effectively identified, understood and reimagined, something that this workshop will help contribute to. The workshop will also lead to the publication of a special issue on the issues addressed.

We welcome requests for attendance at the workshop by anyone interested in the issue. Please send an email to the LEDC team at by 28 May 2018.

For further information, contact:

LEDC team at