SOAS University of London

SOAS Law students come first in worldwide mediation competition

6 August 2018

SOAS School of Law students Sonia Anwar-Ahmed Martinez (First Class Honours in Law – 2018) and Sandra Geahchan (LLM student in Conflict and Dispute Resolution), representing SOAS, have been awarded First Prize in Mediation at the IBA-VIAC Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition (CDRC).

SOAS was selected among hundreds of universities worldwide to compete in the 4th edition of the CDRC on 17-20 July 2018.  SOAS was represented by Sonia as the mediator and Sandra as the coach. Sonia and Sandra were two of the youngest competitors and coaches in the competition.

Sandra and Sonia

Sonia Anwar-Ahmed Martinez said: “Sandra trained me intensively for a month before travelling to Vienna to compete. A combination of theory, practice, and a strong sense of determination and commitment enabled us to excel at CDRC, both in the competition itself and among the professionals present.

"I strongly encourage every student, both law and non-law, to get involved in a similar competition. It is a fantastic opportunity to build on a skill set that is tremendously useful in your everyday and valuable in a professional setting."

Annually, CDRC brings together mediation and negotiation professionals from law, academia, business, and government from around the world to judge 33 teams of negotiators and mediators on a commercial dispute. CDRC provides a platform for student competitors to curate negotiation and mediations skills in a competition setting and an opportunity to hold exchanges with experts in the field.

More generally, CDRC aims to promote consensual dispute resolution in domestic and international business and commerce in recognition of a growing demand for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

The finals can be watched on the CDRC Facebook page.