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SOAS scholar awarded BA/Leverhulm grant for research on western imperialism in Persia

11 September 2018

Dr Ghoncheh Tazmini, Associate Member of the Centre for Iranian Studies, has been awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme grant for her project on Portuguese imperialism in Persia, following the capture of the Island of Hormuz.

The project 'A Global History of Portugal and Persia: a non-Orientalist Encounter in Hormuz (1515-1622)' aims to reframe the narrative that the 16th century Portuguese capture of the Island was the beginning of western imperialism in Persia.

Dr Tazmini’s research, which first began at SOAS in 2014, reconsiders the Persian-Portuguese relationship as a non-colonial, non-Orientalist encounter between two dynamic civilisations. 

The research grant allows more in-depth research of primary source materials, the results of which will be published as a book which aims to unpick presumptions of Iran’s history, free of myth and cultural bias. 

The BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant is open to all UK postdoctoral scholars to help with the costs involved in research, project planning and development.

Hormuz portuguese castle

The 'Portuguese Castle' in Hormuz - one of the last remaining signs of a Portuguese presence in the Persian Gulf