SOAS University of London

CISD students contribute to a Foreign and Commonwealth Office report on girl’s education

16 October 2018

SOAS students in the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) have contributed to a Wilton Park report on using diplomacy to mobilise momentum for girls’ education. Wilton Park is an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The report is based on the outcomes and recommendations from a conference at Wilton Park, held earlier in the summer, to discuss on how diplomacy can be used to mobilise support for girls’ education in conjunction with the UK (FCO) and Department for International Development (DFID).

Kamilia Amdouni, Lindsay Bownik, Musa Bwanali and Alexandra MacAulay Abdelwahab, postgraduate students with backgrounds in technology, development work and journalism, represented SOAS at the conference, where they took on the roles of rapporteurs during roundtable discussions.

The students have since contributed to writing the final report which highlights the forum’s main outcomes and recommendations, and will be distributed to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Foreign Secretary.

The report can be found here on the Wilton Park website. More information on the student’s work with Wilton Park can be found here.