SOAS University of London

Deputy Minister of Republic of Korea to speak at SOAS on denuclearisation

16 November 2018

H.E. Ambassador Bahk Sahng-hoon, the Deputy Minister and Ambassador for Public Diplomacy in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Korea, will be speaking at SOAS University of London on denuclearisation and the peace process.

The event, the Korean Peninsula Peace Forum, is hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in association with London Asia Pacific Centre (LAPC) – a joint SOAS and King’s College London initiative.

H.E. Ambassador Bahk Sahng-hoon will be joined by the Republic of Korea Ambassador to the United Kingdom H.E. Ambassador Enna Park along with the former UK Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Charles Hay, as well as leading international scholars from Korea and the UK, on 17 November.

The situation in the Korean Peninsula has made many headlines in the last couple of years. With North Korea's all out attempt to attain nuclear and ICBM capabilities in defiance of the international sanctions and pressure campaign led by President Donald Trump and US allies around the world, the situation looked precarious and dangerous.

However, at the initiative of President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea, the tide has turned in favour of trust building and negotiations between South, North and the US since the beginning of this year. There have been historic summits between the two Koreas and between the North and the US. However, the road towards denuclearisation and the establishment of lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula is far from smooth.

Against this backdrop, this forum will involve leading academics from both Korea and the UK discussing how to advance the current negotiations; how inter-Korean relations are developing and how North Korea can be integrated into the international economy; and also the roles that the UK and the rest of Europe can play to support this process.

The event is being hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in association with the London Asia Pacific Centre (LAPC) – a joint initiative between SOAS and King’s College London.