SOAS University of London

SOAS among top 5 universities for best financial returns for women

27 November 2018

The BBC has reported that SOAS University of London is among the top five universities for the highest financial returns for women, following a study from the Department for Education and Institute for Fiscal Studies published today.

The BBC suggests that women graduating from SOAS benefit from “significant earnings premiums”. In the report, SOAS is listed among three other London universities - LSE, Imperial, King's College London – as well as Oxford. The report shows that women studying at SOAS go on to earn nearly 50% more than those not attending university.

Professor Deborah Johnston SOAS Pro Director (Learning and Teaching) said: “It is good to see these positive outcomes for SOAS graduates and in particular the difference SOAS has made to the lives of women who have studied here.

“Of course it is not only women. For example, the figures show that male economics graduates from SOAS on average are earning £50,600 by age 29.

“I note however that this is a tiny sample size of male SOAS graduates on which to seek to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of studying here. This covers just 40 male graduates from across 5 years of study – that’s less than 10 people per year.

“Our UK graduates go on to do a wide range of jobs in the UK and overseas – and these data exclude graduates who are not employed in the UK.  Nearly 10% of SOAS UK graduates go on to work abroad – one of the highest rates in the UK – and their earnings are ignored by this data.  Some of our best UK students work internationally and earn even more.

“Due to the nature of our subjects, many SOAS graduates in the UK go on to make a very positive contribution to British society irrespective of their earnings – taking on roles in the voluntary sector and charitable organisations which play a very positive role in society. It's a sign of the social impact of SOAS of which we are so proud.”