SOAS University of London

My Revolutionary Year: an academic's personal photographs which mark the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution

7 February 2019

Professor Annabelle Sreberny, Centre for Global Media and Communications at SOAS University of London, has launched a website dedicated to her personal archival photographs capturing Iran during the 1978-79 revolution.

Moving to Iran with her family in 1976, a mix of Black & White and sepia-tinged images intermingle Professor Sreberny's personal life alongside those of the revolutionary men and women who took to the streets in protest during the late Seventies. 'My Revolutionary Year' exposes a country on the brink of an economic, religious and political shift triggered by the struggle between secular and Islamic governance of Iran.

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution and concerning the images Professor Sreberny comments that they are "a powerful reminder of a process of change that has had enormous impact inside and outside Iran."

Professor Sreberny's research on Iran has examined the role of the press as part of an emergent civil society in Iran, the role that women play as journalists and editors within the Iranian press environment and the emergence of a dynamic Persian-language blogosphere.

My Revolutionary Year - anti Carter