SOAS University of London

SOAS scholar publishes new book on Indian Muslims

25 February 2019

 Dr. Heewon Kim, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow  in the School of History, Religions and Philosophies at SOAS University of London has published a new book looking at the rights and experiences of Indian Muslims.

The book, The Struggle for Equality: India's Muslims and Rethinking the UPA Experience, focuses on the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government (2004–14) led by the Congress which came to power with a radical agenda for religious minorities. This included legislation and policies against discrimination and disadvantages suffered by religious minorities, especially Muslims, and a new framework for delivering substantive equality of opportunity.

This work offers a new interpretation of the UPA's record. In critically re-evaluating the UPA's performance, it uses an institutional policy analysis approach which combines historical institutionalism (and path dependence) with policy analysis. It draws on official sources and extensive interviews with elite administrators and policy makers who were at the core of decision making during the UPA's tenure in office.

Detailed case studies are provided of Muslims in public sector employment, the provision of service delivery for Muslim communities in India, and the efforts to create a new legislative framework against communal violence.

Further information on the book can be found on the publisher’s page.